Junk Silver Coins Value – How Is It Determined?

Junk Silver Coins Value

If you are trying to figure out your junk silver coins value, this article presents information and tips on how to assess your coins value based on current junk silver prices. Junk silver coins are coins that have no numismatic value and their only value is derived from the actual silver content, their purity and weight. In order to begin, you need to separate your junk silver dimes, quarters, half dollars and other types of coins based on their silver content percentages. If you are not sure what your junk silver coins’ silver content is, check out junksilvercoins.com website that lists most common junk coins and their respective silver content and weight. Most junk silver coins’ silver content ranges from 35 to 90%, the more silver content your coins contains, the more junk silver coins value you should be getting.

The most common junk silver cons value found in the US is 90% silver and 10% copper alloy found in silver dimes, quarters and halves coins minted by the US Mint before 1965. These junk US coins are incredibly popular among silver investors because of the low dealer premiums associated with those coins. Most of them are heavily circulated and have lost a lot of its silver content (from 1% up to 10%) due to heavy wear, especially the older mintages.

Your junk silver coins value is solely based on the spot price of silver on a given market day and their actual weight. Since spot price of silver is a highly volatile amount, check your junk silver coins value on the day you are planning on selling them to establish a more realistic figure.

Keep in mind that it’s highly doubtful that you will be able to recover your full coins’ silver value due to refinery and dealer premium fees. Shop around and check out multiple junk silver dealers and keep in mind that your junk silver coins value should be no lower than 5% of the current spot price of silver, otherwise, you are being ripped off.

If you can’t seem to be getting a decent offer for your junk silver coins value, consider selling them on eBay or holding on to them for the meantime. Junk silver coins value is very likely to grow within the next couple of years according to many financial analysts and, besides, junk silver coins might prove essential to own in the light of a potential hyperinflation as one of only means of payment for daily goods and necessities.

If, on the other hand, you are purchasing junk silver coins, calculate the amount of dealer premiums for 90% silver junk coins by adding up coin prices of $1 face value coins (4 quarters or 10 dimes, or 2 halves) and divide by 0.715 troy ounces. This will be the amount you will be paying over the spot prices of silver for 1 troy ounce. As of November 14, 2013 the spot price of silver was set at $20.81 per 1 troy ounce. This means that the premium charges for $1 face value junk coins (based on the data off the Provident Metals.com site) were just a bit over 10%. Compared to buying silver bullion coins, the dealer premiums for junk coin varieties are almost twice as low presenting great investment opportunities.