Indian Head Coins vs. Other American Gold Bullion Coins

If you are thinking about a gold coin investment, you will want to compare the many different options you have available, including Indian Head coins vs other American bullion coins.

The original Indian Head coin design was carried out by an American sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt and represented a profile image of a Native American Indian Chief on its obverse side and American Eagle on its reverse. The actual design was incuse meaning that the image was depressed below the surface of the coin which was initially met with disappointment by the numismatic world. However, years later this became its feature attraction that is highly sought after by savvy coin collectors due to its unparalleled design you will not see very often. Indian Head coins have been popular through history once these coins were produced, and many investors appreciate the historical design and look of these coins.

Indian Head coins were struck with 90% gold to 10% copper alloy content issued in two denominations, namely $2.5 coins referred to as quarter Eagles and $5 coins known as half Eagles. The very first Indian Heads were minted in 1908 with production ceasing during WWI due to low gold supplies. However, their production was resumed in 1925 to stop 4 years later, in 1925. Indian Head coins did not see a lot of circulation and were confiscated by the government along with other gold cons and certificates by Roosevelt’s Gold Confiscation Act of 1933.

There are gold Indian Head coins in different types that can be an interesting and enjoyable choice, or you can choose other gold bullion coins from America instead. One thing that is not disputed is that all of these can make an excellent investment. During roughly the same time period 1907-1933 United States Mint was striking what would be later known as “the most beautiful US coin” according to Wikipedia. Rare and beautiful $20 Saint Gaudens gold coin is a true example of American coin making mastership. It contains 1 ounce of gold and is of 90% gold and 10% copper composition. While this coin is more of a numismatic choice, it’s certainly worth considering if you have extra money on hand.

Whether you choose historical Double Eagle or Indian Head coins, or perhaps a newer choice that is purchased simply for the bullion value, there are a lot of choices for today’s investors. United States of America started striking their first official gold bullion coins in 1986. The American Eagle gold coins quickly became not only the number one selling bullions in the country but extremely popular in other countries in the world. Its 22 karat composition, Walking Liberty design and a variety of fractional sizes quickly positioned it as a highly popular choice for many precious metal investors in the world.

Another popular gold coin choice which appeals to a diverse group of investors is the American Buffalo gold bullion coins, and these are also popular for their design and appearance as well as their investment value. American Gold Buffalos were the very first gold bullions in the US being struck from 24 karat gold in 2006. Featuring the iconic Indian Head design on the obverse and an image of American Bison on the reverse, this beautiful coin suits both investors and collectors alike. When comparing gold coins, there are many factors which should be evaluated, not just the cost or value of the coin.

Among other popular American coins on the market is the series of First Spouse gold coins, which started production in 2007. These coins feature First Ladies of the United States, and the reverse of the coin depicts their lives and contributions to America. These have proved to be just as popular with investors as the Indian Head coins.

Despite of all the benefits of historical coins, if you are looking to invest in the value of the precious metal, do not purchase rare varieties that are going to cost you so much more than their modern counterparts.