How Much Are Silver Coins Worth – Should I Sell Now or Wait?

How Much Are Silver Coins Worth

How much are silver coins worth? That is perhaps the most commonly asked question on various silver and gold buying forums. While we cannot provide you with a definite answer on how much are silver coins worth because market scenarios change rapidly, we can provide you with a basic guidance on the matter of silver coins value. There are typically three main types of silver coins, namely, silver bullion coins, collectible coins and junk silver coins. Depending which types of coins you are trying to assess will ultimately determine the factors going into the value play calculation. Bullion, junk silver and numismatic coins have totally different price points and factors that affect their value. Therefore, each type of silver coins should be assessed individually based on a given set of criteria and time period.

Investors, if you are wondering how much are silver coins worth today, check the current spot price of silver. While you are very unlikely to get that amount for one ounce of pure silver if you go to silver coin buyers, at least you will know the ballpark amount to look forward to. The general rule is to get no less than 95% of the spot price of silver for your bullion coins. All coin dealers charge premium fees every time you buy or sell coins, so the 3-5% difference usually goes to cover these costs. For junk silver coins, the calculations are roughly the same though junk silver prices differ by precious metals buyers, so shop around to get more. is considered one of the leading scrap silver coins buyers that pay top dollar prices for your coins and junk silver. Recently prices on silver were very high enough so it was an excellent time to sell your bullion coins and not buy.

Collectors, it might be more difficult for you to know how much are silver coins worth if you are trying to sell your numismatic or rare coins. As you already know, prices on these are driven by different factors beyond the spot price of silver. Demand, scarcity and rarity dictate the true price of numismatic silver coins that may change over the course of time in favor or against your numismatic collection. Prices on collectible coins are very volatile and it is up to the individual to assess the situation and decide whether it is a good time to sell. If you are simply unsure how much are silver coins worth, check out several local coin shops or attend a coin show to get opinions from multiple dealers or collectors.

Once again, the question how much are silver coins worth is not a simple one and should be approached on a coin by coin basis and an overall market situation. Coin prices on numismatics are not directly affected by the market but rather by demand and supply of the numismatic market and their individual characteristics. Ultimately, you want to sell your junk silver or bullion coins when the silver spot prices are up (during economic downtime) and buy when they are way down (during economic boom).