Gold Penny Stocks List

Gold Penny StocksGold stocks present another dimension of how to invest in gold market, specifically, gold mining companies. Gold penny stocks are stocks of small cap gold mining companies that do not trade at major stock exchanges and trade for the price of under a $1.00 or $5.00 in some cases. Gold penny stocks trade through so called pink sheets or over the counter system.

If you are looking for a comprehensive gold penny stocks list, be warned that generally you are highly advised to stay away from any hot penny stock alerts because these might be issued by penny stock scammers in attempts to build up the price of their stocks and abruptly exit the market causing investors to lose all of their money invested in a particular small cap company. It does not mean that there are no legitimate gold penny stocks lists, you should be very careful with any gold penny stocks to buy alerts.

In order to assess gold penny stocks list, you need to gather as much financial information about a particular penny company you can get your hands on. If you have trouble finding any sufficient financial statements or news reports, you should steer clear from this penny stock selection.

However, despite the extremely volatile nature of gold penny stock some knowledgeable investors with strong analytical skills can tremendously benefit from some of the penny stock gems. Below we present gold penny stocks list of companies that are worth looking into due to impressive grow curves they have displayed in the recent time.

Minco Gold (MGH) is deeply involved in gold exploration on the territory of China. Over the last 6 month period MGH has displayed 75% growth reaching $2.91 per share.

Kimber Resources (KBX) is currently selling its shares for $1.85 a piece due to incredible 152% growth to date since July of 2010.

Great Basin Gold Ltd. (GBC) is another great candidate on our gold penny stock list with exploration projects happening In Nevada and South Africa. The stocks are currently trading for $ 2.67 a piece.

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