Gold Nugget Investment: Pros and Cons

If you are thinking about investing in gold, you may have considered a gold nugget investment. Since the great gold rush the popularity and demand for gold nugget bullion has increased a lot. There are many benefits to gold as investment in nugget form, and this form carries all the benefits that other types of gold will. One of the drawbacks is that nuggets will vary greatly in size and purity, and there is no uniform standard with this form of the precious metal. The largest specimen of natural gold nuggets ever recovered was in Australia, and weighed over two thousand Troy ounces.

A gold nugget investment has the benefit of being portable, and easily stored and secured usually, unless you have a large weight involved. This type of gold bullion can range from a small fraction of an ounce all the way up to hundreds of ounces, and this also means that the price will depend on the specific nugget. For some investors coins may be a better choice, because they are standardized. If you have a set investing budget each month it may be more difficult and require more time and effort to find a suitable gold nugget investment every time you invest.

There is another type of gold nugget investment, and this involves a specific type of gold coin. These coins are called Australian Gold Nuggets, and they are available in a one ounce size as well as fractional sizes down to one twentieth of an ounce, so you can buy these coins in almost any budget. These coins have a face value and are considered legal currency, which means that they may offer tax advantages that natural nuggets do not have. This type of gold nugget investment also offers the advantages of having standardized sizes and prices, so you can buy a set number or amount of gold on a regular basis very quickly and conveniently.