Gold ETF List – Best Performers!

Gold ETF List

Gold investment customers have seen incredible gold investment performance virtually of all types of gold market mechanisms, including gold exchange traded funds. Gold ETF’s base their investment strategies on holding physical gold backed up assets that move up or down according to the spot price of gold. At relatively low ETF annual fees that average at about 0.5%, our gold ETF list below presents some good investment choices for you to consider.

Our gold ETF list is a mere informational source and by no means should be your investment guide. You should carefully study investment performance of any gold ETF before committing to buy their stocks.

1. SPDR Gold Trust (GLD)
2. ETFS Physical Swiss Gold Shares (SGOL)
3. iShares Gold ETF (IAU)
4. Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX)
5. Power Shares Gold and Precious Metals (PSAU)
6. Pro Shares Ultra Gold (UGL)
7. Power Shares DB Gold Fund (DGL)

Again, this is a preliminary gold ETF list of the most popular choices to own when it comes to gold ETF’s in recent years.

It’s important to mention that despite gold ETF’s obvious benefits, some investors still prefer owning physical gold opposed to paper gold as in gold ETF’s. Some believe that in harsh economic times gold ETF’s have a potential to go bankrupt dragging your investments with them. It’s up to an individual investor to carefully weigh in all pros and cons and decide whether investing in any company from our gold ETF list is a smart decision for them. In addition, the government treats long term investment capital gains (over a year) in ETF’s as “collectibles” and imposes a 28% tax bracket, that is almost double compared to regular stocks.

While majority of standard gold bullion ETF’s are committed to mimic the price fluctuations of gold, short gold ETF enable investors to diversify their portfolio and invest in potential decline of gold prices.