Gold Eagle Coin Mintage Interesting Facts

Gold Eagle Coin Mintage

The first Gold Eagle coin mintage was initiated by the US Government in 1986 and they have since been producing them every single year in four denominations ranging from a full ounce Gold Eagle coin to a tenth of an ounce size. Today Gold Eagle coin mintages is struck in several qualities, namely, uncirculated, proof and reverse proof editions. Uncirculated varieties tailored more for investors cost less compared to proofs that are designed with more attention to detail and finish, highly valued by collectors. American Gold Eagle coin is USA’s number one selling gold bullion coin with its truly American design and 22 karat gold content.

Gold Eagle coin mintage history uncovers many interesting facts that allow numismatists to learn more about America’s favorite gold coins. According to the law, all gold content that goes in the Gold Eagle coin mintage must come from domestically mined gold sources. Silver and copper alloys that are added into these coins allow them to maintain their superior scratch resistant status compared to 24 karat gold coins that are prone to considerable wear over time.

According to interesting historical facts, the obverse design of the Gold Eagle coin mintage was inspired by the Augustus Saint Gaudens timeless design which first appeared on the Double Eagle gold coins. Walking Liberty appears on the obverse holding an olive branch and a torch at the backdrop of rising Sun. The reverse side is decorated by a beautiful Eagle Soaring above the Nest design by Miley Busiek. The original Double Eagles are highly coveted among coin collectors all over the world and sell sometimes for several million dollars per one coin piece. The rarity factor of these coins is due to the unfortunate fact that the majority of Double Eagles were melted down during the Great Depression Era in the US and very few coins remain today day in private collections across the globe.

Did you know that American numismatists disliked the Roman Numerals dates that appeared on the coins during the first six years of Gold Eagle mintage? Coin collectors and investors expressed considerable confusion as to their ability to tell the actual year of mintage on the first American Eagles. American Government listened and starting in the year of 1992 Gold Eagle coin mintage no longer displayed confusing for some collectors Roman numerals.

Another interesting fact about the mintage of American Eagles is the confusion and ever changing mintage numbers that make it hard for some coin collectors to judge which mintage year to include in their collection. According to the general rule, the fewer the mintage numbers are the more collector value American Eagles are going to gain in the future. However, the final official mintage quantities are published sometimes years later after the mintage sales were carefully analyzed and evaluated. This explains why Gold Eagle mintage figures might differ from source to source.

American Eagle gold bullion coins price directly reflects its actual gold content and any premium and shipping costs that come with purchasing them from various coin dealers or mints. As of March 24, 2014 one of the major online gold dealers APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange) Random Year American Gold Eagle price was quoted at $1360.99 or as low $49.99 per coin or 3.8% over the spot price of gold on that day. Cross comparing pricing among several local or online gold dealers will allow you to acquire the most reasonably priced Gold Eagle coin mintage.

To provide superior protection for your coins from especially rare Gold Eagle coin mintages, consider buying a Gold Eagle coin holder or a custom made wood plaque that will allow you to show off your numismatic collection in its full splendor. Coin holders are available in many styles and price ranges, and you are sure to find the one that you need to meet your preference.