Gold Dust Seller – Where to Find One?

Gold in the form of dust or flakes is a natural occurrence found embedded in river rock that later gets washed downstream and may form gold nuggets. There are lots of applications of this precious dust in food industry to decorate desserts and pastry items, in fashion and in other industries. But before it gets to it final gold dust buyer, it must go through a professional assaying test to determine its purity, weight and ultimately its price. It is usually sold by individual small scale prospectors who mine it using placer mining methods.

The the first thing you will need to do is find a gold dust seller to make a purchase from. But where should you look, and how can you tell a good seller from one that should be avoided? Finding this type of seller online is probably the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to go about this task, because a quick Internet search will usually give you a large list of options to start with. You should never settle for the first one or two gold bullion sellers you find, otherwise this common mistake may cost you.

Once you have your list of possibilities for a gold dust seller you will need to research and evaluate each one individually. With the gold bullion market at record highs where price is concerned, you will need to be careful when you are choosing a seller to purchase your gold dust from. Some new companies have been known to use unethical, if not completely illegal, practices to make a profit off of the new gold rush. If you make the wrong choice you could end up with low quality dust that is not valued at the price you paid, leaving you with an investment loss instead of a profit. To ensure successful purchase, always ask for a professional assay certificate to accompany each purchase you make, this way you know you are buying the real thing.

The price being offered will play a part in picking the ideal gold dust seller, but this should never be the only factor considered. Some of the lowest prices are offered by new companies, without any experience or solid history behind them. Buying wholesale gold nuggets, dust, and other bullion types may help you save some on the cost, but be wary of any company that offers prices which seem too good to be true given the current market price of scrap gold. This may be a tip that the gold dust seller is not completely legitimate in every way, and should be avoided completely.