Gold Bullion Coins Value – How Is It Determined?

Gold Bullion Coins Value

Have you ever wondered how gold bullion coins value is determined and why very similar gold bullion coins are priced differently while containing virtually identical gold content?

Well the answer is rather simple. The gold bullion coins value is determined by several major factors like gold weight based on the current spot price of gold, manufacturing costs, aesthetic value, market demands and, finally, dealer premiums. The main determining factor for gold bullion price today is the current spot price of gold. You will notice that, for example, American Eagle gold bullion coins price will fluctuate throughout the day or day to day to reflect the changes in the spot price of gold.

Gold bullion coins that have more aesthetic appeal from the market standpoint will dictate higher market demands resulting in higher dealer premium charges. This is your answer why seemingly similar 24 karat 1 oz coins like American Buffalo gold bullion coins and Canadian Gold Maple Leaf might be priced differently.

In addition, gold bullion coins that possess legal tender status might be valued higher compared to coins that have no legal tender at all. Sometimes surprising factors may affect gold bullion coins value like high quality finish. If you are a coin collector, these factors might be of great importance to you but for most gold investors these factors play no role and they are focused solely on gold weight and purity.

As a gold investor, your pure goal is benefiting from gold bullion weight and high dealer premiums might be eating into your investment portfolio. Therefore, it’s important to concentrate on gold bullion coins value that could be obtained with low dealer mark ups.

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