First Spouse Gold Coins – Where Gold Investment Meets Gold History!

First Spouse gold coins were first introduced in 2007 honoring First Ladies of all American Presidents in the history of the country. Approximately four or five versions of First Spouse gold coins are issued each year. At this point the US Mint guarantees the minting schedule to extend through at least 2016 depicting a different spouse portrait on the obverse and reverse design elements. Each of the First Spouse gold coin is struck from the purest form of gold (0.9999 fineness) and contains 1/2 ounce of pure gold. Each coin comes with the denomination of $10. First Spouse edition coins are available in uncirculated, mint, proof and raw proof varieties. The minting schedule takes special attention to the succession of the First Ladies in the Presidential Office and releases coins accordingly in the exact order. The minting of the First Spouse coins coincides with the release of $1 Presidential Dollar series.

The First Spouse gold coins honor wives of American Presidents who have helped support the American leaders through the turbulent early American history. Owning First Spouse gold coins combines history learning with a great investment opportunity. The obverse side features an image of a First Lady with the reverse side featuring symbolism of her accomplishments and contributions.

Purchasing First Spouse gold coins presents one of a kind gold coins investment while offering a collector and historical value as well as the bullion price. Despite the higher prices compared to other ½ ounce bullion coins like American Eagle gold coins, which also make terrific investment choices, First Spouse coins are also very fun to collect with your children creating a timeless numismatic opportunity.

Despite very high initial investors’ and collectors’ interest, First Spouse gold coins are losing their appeal due to high dealer mark ups associated with them. The price of First Spouse gold coins varies depending on the grade of the coins and whether they come with a special collector’s box. To show how much premium you should expect to pay for a First Spouse gold coins, we provide this brief comparison of premiums. For an uncirculated 1/2 oz 2013 First Spouse Ida McKinley coin investors should expect to pay anywhere from $910.60 to $937.92 depending on the payment method, which is well over $450 (33%) over the spot price of gold (data as of March 12th 2014 APMEX website). For a brilliant uncirculated 2013 ½ oz American Gold Eagle coin APMEX website charges from $746 to $769 which is approximately $123 over the spot price of gold (9%). As you can see from this comparison, the average premium charges for First Spouse coins are almost 3 times higher than that of American Gold Eagles explaining the declining investors’ interest.

Below we present First Spouse Gold Coins Mintage Schedule and basic information for your attention.


First Lady Name Release Year Years Served in the Office Reverse Coin Design
Martha Washington 2007 1789-1797 Mrs. Washington sewing a button onto her husband’s uniform to signify care for the colonial soldiers
Abigail Adams 2007 1797-1801 Mrs. Adams writing “Remember the Ladies” letters to the President to include women’s interests in the formation of the new Republic
Thomas Jefferson’s Liberty 2007 1801-1809 Being a widower Thomas Jefferson’s Liberty portraits the President’s unparallel expertise with writing the American Declaration of Independence
Dolley Madison 2007 1809-1817 Saving Cabinet papers and memorabilia from the White House fire
Elizabeth Monroe 2008 1817-1825 Reopening of the White House after the fire
Louisa Adams 2008 1825-1829 Making a journey with her son across Europe to reconnect with her husband
Andrew Jackson’s Liberty 2008 1829-1837 Leading American Troops to fight against British Army
Martin Van Buren’s Liberty 2008 1837-1841 Young Martin Van Buren reading a book at the backdrop of his family’s tavern in Kinderhook, NY
Anna Harrison 2009 1841 Reading to children to portray Mrs. Harrison’s love for education
Letitia Tyler


Julia Tyler

2009 1841-1842



Letitia Tyler at the backdrop of family Cedar Grove Plantation

Julia Tyler dancing polka with the President at the White House

Sarah Polk 2009 1845-1849 Working at the White House with her Secretary
Margaret Taylor 2009 1849-1850 Comforting a wounded soldier during the Seminole War
Abigail Fillmore 2010 1850-1853 Establishing the White House Library
Jane Pierce 2010 1853-1857 Listening to the political debates at the US Capitol
James Buchanan’s Liberty 2010 1857-1861 President Buchanan depicted as a boy keeping books at the family store
Mary Lincoln 2010 1861-1865 Visiting with wounded soldiers
Eliza Johnson 2011 1865-1869 Dancing at a children’s ball symbolizing Mrs. Johnson’s love for children
Julia Grant 2011 1869-1877 Riding horses at the family plantation with the future husband and President Ulysses Grant
Lucy Hayes 2011 1877-1881 First Easter Egg Roll at the White House
Lucretia Garfield 2011 1881 Mrs. Garfield painting to portray her love for art
Alice Paul 2012 1881-1885 Early Suffrage Movement
Frances Cleveland 1st term 2012 1885-1889 Working Women Receptions
Caroline Harrison 2012 1889-1893 Flowers and paint brushes depicting her love for art
Frances Cleveland 2nd term 2012 1893-1897 Mrs. Cleveland speaking to the public
Ida McKinley 2013 1897-1901 Hands crocheting slippers for charity auctions
Edith Roosevelt 2013 1901-1909 White House representing her extensive restoration work
Helen Taft 2013 1909-1913 Cherry tree blooms symbolizing Mrs. Taft introducing them to Washington D.C. landscape
Ellen Wilson

Edith Wilson

2013 1913-1914


White House Rose Garden creation

President Wilson’s hand holding a cane with Edith Wilson’s hand resting on his to symbolize her support after her husband’s stroke


Florence Harding 2014 1921-1923 Not available at the time of publishing
Grace Coolidge 2014 1923-1929 Not available at the time of publishing
Lou Hoover 2014 1929-1933 Not available at the time of publishing
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt 2014 1933-1945 Not available at the time of publishing
Elizabeth Truman 2015 1945-1953 Not available at the time of publishing
Mamie Eisenhower 2015 1953-1961 Not available at the time of publishing
Jacqueline Kennedy 2015 1961-1963 Not available at the time of publishing
Claudia Taylor Johnson “Lady Bird” 2015 1963-1969 Not available at the time of publishing
Patricia Ryan Nixon 2016 1969-1974 Not available at the time of publishing
Elizabeth Bloomer 2016 1974-1977 Not available at the time of publishing