Double Eagle Gold Coins – 5 Reasons Why They Are Gaining Popularity

Double Eagle gold coins are historical American bullion coins that were being struck for a time period from 1849 through crucial in monetary history 1933 year notable for Roosevelt’s gold confiscation act ordering Americans to turn in all their gold coins and certificates. Double Eagle Gold coins come in two main designs, Liberty Head and Saint Gaudens. In 1933 because of the above mentioned confiscation act, it became illegal to own any gold for individuals, so no 1933 Double Eagles were actually released to the public. However, approximately 10 coin pieces were stolen by an employee of US Mint but later returned and destroyed. One surviving 1933 Double Eagle was sold at an auction for a shocking amount of over $7.5 million.

These coins combine superior bullion content with unparalleled sense of history. Double Eagles are also legal tender coins with a currency value of twenty US dollars. This is a lot less than the spot and market price of the gold that the coin contains right now, but this currency value means that even if price of the metal dropped down to one penny an ounce you could still get twenty dollars for the coin and not suffer a complete loss of capital.

Let’s take a look at why these coins are becoming more popular every day.

1. High Demand for Gold
One of the biggest reasons that Double Eagle gold coins have become so popular is that the prices of precious metals continue to go up after reaching record levels. This has caused many more investors to turn to both numismatic and bullion coins in an effort to cash in on the rising price of this metal.

2. Superior Numismatic Value
Double Eagle gold coins combine historical significance with exceptional scarcity and rarity for some of the mintage years. Certain mintage years, especially in the 1880’s, are numbered as low as one hundred coins remaining in the world, this certainly drives a lot of collectors to pay thousands of dollars for special $20 gold coins.

3. Non-Parallel Investors’ Value
Very rarely will you find a numismatic coin that combines non parallel investor’ value with superior numismatic potential. While certain Double Eagles exercise their rarity status, other strikes sell a little bit over their bullion value creating unbelievable investment opportunities with a potential to appreciate over the years.

4. High Liquidity and Recognition
The Double Eagle gold coins are one of the most widely recognized and accepted gold coins ever minted. These are one of the most popular options in gold coin investments, and for most investors a gold Eagle coin is as desired as Krugerrands and Maple Leafs. Should you wish to sell your American Eagle gold coins, you would not have to wait long to find a buyer.

5. The Global Economic Downturn and Limited Investment Options
The economic downturn around the world in the last few years has caused many investors to turn to Double Eagle gold coins and other precious metals investments instead of choosing stocks and other higher risk options for their investment capital. Even with the current high American Eagle gold bullion coins price most investors are sure that gold is going to continue the climb and consider the cost a good investment expense. Additionally, investors are running out of investment options and are weary to stick their money into the stock market with its unpredictable ups and downs. Wouldn’t it be better to not only invest in the physical gold coins but to provide an excellent hedge against devaluing currencies?