Chinese Silver Coins – Collectible, Bullion or Junk?

Chinese Silver Coins

When it comes to investment into silver coins value, there’s a lot of confusion, especially among beginners. Chinese silver coins are no exception. With such an old history of coin making, China has saturated the market with a plethora of choices. However, are they good choice for investment?

Before we begin our explanation on whether Chinese coins are suitable for your investment portfolio, it’s worth mentioning that there are generally three types of silver coins. Depending on which type of coin you are thinking of buying will entail a different answer.

Collectible Coins

Chinese silver coins have always been one of the most favorite pieces to add to any coin collection. Perhaps the most popular editions are the Panda series, namely, Panda silver coins (proof edition grades) that are instantly recognizable among all Chinese coin collectors. Some Chinese silver coins are minted in limited quantities making them the most sought after coins among numismatists.

Rare Chinese silver coins take a special place in any coin collection due to their extreme scarcity and unsurpassed craftsmanship. Authentic rare Chinese coins are really hard to come by and you should be ready to pay substantial sums of money for them. However, the joy of owning Chinese silver coins is a significant attribute of any true coin collector. As to true investment value of Chinese numismatic coins, most financial analysts agree that they are not a good investment because coin prices for these are often exorbitant and include various fees and mark ups that are simply unsuitable if you are trying to invest in the value of silver.

Bullion Coins

If you would like to invest into silver market, you should definitely buy silver bullion coins that cost considerably less and represent true silver value with low dealer premium charges compared to collectibles. Bullion coins are made with the purest grade of silver opposed to numismatic coins that are sometimes minted with alloy materials to make coins more wear resistant. Some of the most popular Chinese silver bullion coins are Silver Panda available in sizes ranging from ½ an ounce to a giant one kilo size. Despite a variety of Chinese silver coin sizes available, 1 oz Silver Panda coins are the standard investment for any seasoned precious metals investor. These bullion Chinese silver coins first entered the market in 1989 in brilliant uncirculated condition specifically tailored for investors. Bearing the images of Chinese National symbol, Panda Bear, the coins are struck from the purest form of silver, 999 finesse. The design of the coins changes periodically to keep interest of investors’ and collectors’ alike.

Junk Silver Coins

Older and modern Chinese silver coins of substandard grades that have no numismatic value and therefore pose not interest for collectors are valued purely for their metal content. These junk coins are sold slightly higher than the current spot price of silver on a given day and are suitable to be included in your investment portfolio.