China Gold Panda Coins Review

The Chinese Gold Panda coins have a lot to offer to gold investors and coin collectors. Produced for the first time in 1982, these coins contain gold bullion which is 99.9% pure and are minted with a very high quality standard. The metal used in the minting process is being exclusively mined on the territory of the Peoples Republic of China according the strictest specifications. These are an excellent investment choice with a high liquidity and worldwide recognition. Panda gold coins can be found in five different weights and denominations, and each one will have a different design. Fractional sizes for these coins are one twentieth, one tenth, one fourth, and one half of an ounce, and these four choices are in addition to the one ounce coin offered in denominations ranging from 5 Yuan to 500 Yuan respectively.

With the introduction of the Gold Panda Coins, China has earned a place on the market for precious metals investment. These are also legal currency in China, just like the Krugerrand gold coins are in South Africa, Gold Maple Leaf coins in Canada or British Sovereign Gold coins in England, and they have a currency value stamped on them. Up until the year 2001, the face value on Gold Panda coins was much lower than it is currently. The one ounce coin was one hundred Yuan, now it is five hundred. The half ounce coin went from fifty to two hundred Yuan, and the quarter ounce changed from twenty five Yuan to one hundred.

The design that is used for the Panda coins could not have been more symbolic with the long standing cultural traditions of the Peoples Republic of China. The obverse side features iconic Temple of Heaven located in Beijing, one of the sacred temples of Taoist religion followers. The fact that the rear design is changed up every year makes these coins very attractive not only to investors but to collectors. Chinese national animals, Panda bears, are shown in their full glory frolicking or drinking water from a pond at the background of a bamboo forest.

Because Gold Panda coins come in fractional sizes you will be able to afford an investment no matter how small your budget may be. The smaller sizes will carry a higher markup though, so it is a good idea to purchase the largest size of these China gold coins possible to minimize the total amount spent. This is true with other gold coin investments as well, including the American Eagles and the Australian Gold Nuggets. If you are looking for a solid investment in gold coins, then Gold Panda coins may be the right option in your situation.

The newest 2014 Gold Panda coins have already hit the market featuring one happy panda playing on a tree against a traditional bamboo forest background on the reverse and iconic Temple of Heaven on obverse. Without a doubt the most popular size among investors offering the most value over the price is one oz size coins currently being sold for a little bit under $100 over the spot price of gold a piece (data taken from APMEX website as of January 20th, 2014). China Gold Panda coins are also offered as brilliant uncirculated and gold proof coins, for investors and collectors who want only the finest when it comes to these gold coin investments.