Certified Gold Coins – Where to Buy Them to Avoid Scam?

Buying certified gold coins is an excellent way to profit from the rising price of gold and to provide safe haven for your investment portfolio. Finding the best online dealers is your sure bet to get your investment or a numismatic collection off the right start. Before we provide readers with the list of the best online dealers, let’s take a look at what certified coins really are and how the process of certification affects the value of the coins.

Certified gold coins are coins that have been graded by one of the four major grading agencies in the United States including, NGC, PCGS, ANACS and ICG. After being graded, certified gold coins are typically encased with a temper proof plastic seal bearing a mark of grading assurance. The process of coin certification eliminates any confusion as to the condition or the grade of a coin when investors are buying gold coins. It is also less risky to buy certified gold coins on eBay or other coins auctions opposed to purchasing raw coins that might be difficult to assess based on a limited description and blurry images.

Despite the fact that certified numismatics or gold bullion coins are priced higher than raw coins, coin collectors prefer buying them to avoid any possibility of acquiring a gold fake or a gold plated coin. By purchasing certified gold coins only from the reputable online dealers ensure only the most authentic coins of the specified coin grades. Coin grading certificate is affixed on a sealed plastic case and contains the following specifications, the proper name of the coin, its denomination, mintage year, coin’s grade, certification agency and its serial number which could be used to trace the information regarding a specific coin.

Originally, before Dr Sheldon’s numerical grading system had been introduced, the coins were given adjectival definition like good, very good, fine, etc, however Sheldon’s numerical grading systems allows to provide for the slightest variations between the closest grade numbers. Today for previously circulated coins Sheldon’s scale assigns numbers from 1 to 59, while numbers from 60 to 70 are reserved for mint state coins. For example, if a coin is given a NGC MS 69 certification, it means that it has been graded by Numismatic Guarantee Corporation, is currently in Mint State with number 69 according to the Sheldon’s Scale.

When looking for the best online coin dealers, you should definitely stay away from TV commercials, gold shows or e-mail scam offers since all of the above might offer products that .are not what they claim to be or might be highly overpriced. Similar rules apply to buying gold coins through online auctions like eBay, especially from sellers with extensive negative or limited feedback.

Certified Gold Exchange is America’s leader on the market of certified gold coins. For over 20 years they have provided collectors and investors with excellent products to satisfy their various needs.

American Rare Coin and Collectibles, LLC is another reliable choice when it comes to buying PCGS or NGC certified coins. This online dealer trades this type of coins daily in large volume operations buying from private sellers and estates enriching their inventory daily.

APMEX is one of the largest online dealers handling not only certified but bullion coins. Choose from their extensive database, ask for online assistance if needed and buy from industry’s most trusted gold online dealer.

As far as buying modern day certified bullion coins like American Gold Eagle or Gold Vienna Philharmonics, many coin collectors avoid these because coin certification for modern bullion coins adds unnecessary costs and not enough value to justify extra fees. All modern day gold bullion coins should be purchased directly from authorized bullion dealers and do not require any additional certification. Coins that should be purchased only with NGC or PCGS certifications are pre-1933 American gold coins and historical European or South American gold coins.