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Junk Silver Dimes – Should I Sell Them?

Junk Silver Dimes

Before rushing into offering your junk silver coins for sale due to currently high junk silver prices, read this article where we try to explain what stands behind the term junk silver. Junk silver dimes are a way of referring to a silver coin that possesses no numismatic value and is comprised of 90% silver content.

Junk Silver Bags For Sale – Who Is Buying Them?

Junk Silver Bags

Junk silver bags are usually referred to pouches holding junk silver dimes, quarters and other coins with a face value of $1000, that contain approximately 700 ounces of pure silver. Low purchase premiums compared to costly silver rounds make junk silver purchases a desirable investment for multiple purposes.

5 Important Factors Affecting Junk Silver Prices

Junk Silver Prices

Got any junk silver dimes or a handful of broken jewelry pieces that you want to turn in for money? Read on where we explain 5 most important factors affecting junk silver prices.

Junk Silver – Is It Worth Spending Money On?

Junk silver has a very misleading name, because to most people junk means something that is worthless and should be discarded. Junk silver coins value is far from worthless, but as coins valued by collectors they have no value and are considered junk or scrap.