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1881 Silver Dollar Coin Value – Why Does It Hold Up?

1881 Silver Dollar Coin Value

1881 Silver Dollar Coins or as they are also referred to as Morgan dollars are a welcoming addition to any numismatic collection. The value of these numismatic coins greatly varies and requires a trained eye to assess.

American Eagle Silver Dollar Value

American Eagle Silver Dollar Value

American Eagle silver dollar value has been on the rise in the recent years due to constantly increasing silver market prices and higher than regular gold and silver investment demands.

Silver Eagle Coins vs. Gold Eagle Coins – Which One Is A Better Investment?

Silver Eagle Coins

A lot of newbie investors are asking what to buy, Silver Eagle coins or Gold Eagle coins? Both gold and silver as an investment commodity have their own pros and cons. Major analysts disagree on what a better investment is, gold or silver?

Silver Buffalo Coin Value

Silver Buffalo Coin

Silver Buffalo coins or simply Silver Rounds Buffalo design are some of the cost effective ways to invest in silver. These coins combine 1 troy oz standard size 0.999 silver purity with exceptionally low dealer premiums.