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5 Reasons to Invest in Commemorative Silver Coins

Commemorative Silver Coins

Collecting commemorative silver coins is a fun and rewarding hobby allowing you to gain appreciation from rising gold and silver prices and to add the rarest pieces to your collection. Normally issued in limited mintages, these coins celebrate a special event in the history

Where Can I Sell Junk Silver Coins I Collected?

Junk Silver Coins

Junk silver coins are not actually junk or scrap, instead they contain about ninety percent silver and are used for their bullion value instead of their numismatic value. A lot of people who are fond of coin collecting have accumulated a great deal of junk silver coins throughout the years.

I Have Old Silver Coins – Where To Sell Them For Cash With Best Gain?

Old Silver Coins

If you are a proud owner of old silver coins and willing to sell them for cash, you are in luck. The price of silver has reached almost all time high at almost $40 per ounce in mid September of 2011. All those who had an extensive silver investment portfolio or a collection of silver coins and purchased these years earlier definitely were able to sell some of their silver coins for a profit.

Top 10 Silver Coin Dealers

Silver Coin Dealers

Most Mints do not offer coins for sale to the public, instead they deal with wholesale silver coin dealers who then resell collectible or silver bullion coins to mass market customers. A quick internet search for silver coin dealers online or in your area is going to return a number of businesses.

Silver Coin Buyers – Which Company Should I Choose?

Silver Coin Buyers

Interested in selling a few silver bullion coins or numismatics? You are not alone, with silver prices on the rise there are a lot of people seeking to realize gains from selling parts of their precious metals portfolios or collections.

Top 10 Silver Coins of The World

Silver Coins of The World

Silver coins of the world are sought after as investments as well as collectibles. There are thousands of bullion and numismatic coins minted throughout the world, and most collectible lists are opinions of collectors. Collectible silver coins can be listed in any order, but they all represent an investment in history, silver, and enjoyment.

Top 10 Collectible Silver Coins

Collectible Silver Coins

Coin collecting is a fun hobby and an opportunity to profit in difficult economic times when prices for precious metals take off. Collectible silver coins come from all over the world and those countries that use quality silver