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Canadian Silver Coins Value vs. American Silver Coins

Canadian Silver Coins Value

Trying to compare Canadian silver coins value next to US coins? Frankly speaking, comparing silver coins value is like comparing apples to oranges. It all depends on the personal preference.

Top 5 Canadian Silver Coins To Own

Canadian Silver Coins Value

Canada has a long history of producing great silver coins, both bullion and collectible coins. Canadian silver coins are very popular among investors in precious metals and numismatists. Canadian silver coins value is exceptional and if you take into account lower than average premiums on some of them, these make great purchases for your portfolio or collection.

Silver Maple Leaf Coin Value

Silver Maple Leaf Coin

Silver Maple Leaf coin is a well known silver bullion coin which represents Canada’s equivalent to the American Silver Eagle coin. The Canadian coin is struck in one troy ounce size of .9999 silver and is a very soft but pure coin.

Interesting Facts about Royal Canadian Mint Coins

Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is among world’s most well recognized producers of collector coins in addition to gold, silver and platinum bullion coins, medals and medallions.

Silver Maple Leaf Coins For Sale – 5 Best Online Stores!

Silver Maple Leaf Coins

Silver Maple Leaf coins are minted at the state of the art facility at the Royal Canadian Mint. The Mint itself does not sell these Canadian coins to the public but only to coin dealers specializing on bullion products