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Russian Gold Coins Review – Great Investment for Gold Buyers

Gold coins for sale can be found from almost every nation, and Russia is no exception in this area. Russian gold coins can be a terrific gold investment for several reasons, and they are becoming more popular. Russia is the largest country in the world with expansive lands,

Swiss Gold Coins vs Swiss Gold Bullion – Which One Is A Better Investment?

Swiss Gold Coins

More and more novice investors are turning into precious metals market as the only capital refuge available in turbulent economic times. However, if you have never purchased gold coins before, there’s so much to consider.

Spanish Gold Coins Value Retention – Escudos Vs. Doubloons

Spain has always been the country with magnificent history which at some point had been dominating all five existing (at that time known) continents of the world. It’s no wonder that Spanish gold coins are so popular among collectors and investors alike.

Napoleon Gold Coins – Where to Find Them Online?

Napoleon gold coin is a collective term to describe old French gold coins that bear either Napoleon Bonaparte’s or Napoleon III’s profile on the face of coins. These coins were minted with denominations ranging from 5, 10, 20, 40 and 50 francs.

Gold Vienna Philharmonics Coins Review

A gold Vienna Philharmonics coin is a coin first struck in the best European traditions by the Austrian Mint located in Vienna in 1989. This gold bullion coin is produced in the purest gold form of 24 karats (999.9) and is now available in five various sizes.

Turkish Gold Coins – An Undervalued Investment Treasure!

Turkish coin making industry goes back several thousand years ago. It’s believed that the prototype of the very first gold coins in the world was struck in Lydia in 640 BC on the territory of modern Turkey. Turkish gold coins market offers a wide assortment of coins of various mintage years, purity levels, sizes, weights and denominations.

German Gold Coins Value – Why Is It A Good Investment?

German gold coins are one of the most coveted coins among collectors; and no numismatic collection would be complete without these rare pieces. It’s hard to find a coin that represents German coin making industry better than a Gold German 20 Franc coin.

Old French Gold Coins Review

France is a country associated with luxury, fashion and fascinating history. Same holds true for the history of French coin making that goes back all the way to the mid 14th century when the first French gold coins francs were minted.