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7 Reasons Why to Pick Only Gold Proof Coins

A gold proof coin is a coin that has been subject to a special minting process, polishing and dyeing method producing a coin with superior finish and two tone appearance. Such coins cost more than standard uncirculated varieties due to extra efforts that go into making these superior products and much higher premiums.

Rare Gold Coins vs. Standard Gold Bullion Coins: Pros and Cons

Rare Gold Coins

What is the difference between rare gold coins vs standard gold bullion? This question gets commonly asked by new investors who enter the world of precious metals investment. While it may seem confusing at first, the difference is very easy to comprehend.

What Are the Best Gold Coins for Investment?

What are the best gold coins for investment? This is a question asked by every investor who has ever considered gold bullion or gold coins for investment purposes, and the answer will vary depending on the investor. You may want to find gold coins for sale because of the high market value this metal has right now

Gold Coins for Sale: Online Dealers vs. Auctions Review

If you are looking for gold coins for sale you have many choices on where to purchase this type of gold bullion. There are online dealers as well as auctions, and each of these methods has pros and cons involved.

How to Spot Counterfeit and Fake Gold Coins?

If you are going to purchase gold bullion or numismatic gold coins, it is important to know how to spot counterfeit and fake gold coins. Although not very common there have been quite a few fake gold coins detected after these had been purchased and sold.