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Gold Coins for Sale: eBay vs Amazon

Gold Coins for Sale

eBay and Amazon are the world’s most popular online marketplaces to buy and sell all sorts of merchandise including gold coins. These two are also the largest online competitors going head to head to win over global customers. There’s a variety of gold coins for sale found at both Amazon and eBay but which one is better for buyers and beneficial for the sellers?

Top 10 Mistakes People Make While Buying Gold Coins

Buying Gold Coins

Before you go out buying gold coins, get familiar with our helpful “Top 10 Mistakes” guide and steer clear of these common misconceptions.

7 Dangers of Buying Cheap Gold Coins

Cheap Gold Coins

With gold being on the top of everyone’s hot list to invest into, one of the greatest risks any inexperienced gold investor is facing is buying cheap gold coins. While it’s a great idea to shop around in hopes of finding the lowest priced gold bullion coins

Top 10 Numismatic Gold Coins

Numismatic Gold Coins

Coin collection hobby has been around since the birth of civilization. The earliest accounts of numismatic gold coins go back to Caesar Augustus, the founder of Roman Empire, giving out coins of various origins to his guests at the Saturnalia Roman Festival.

I Want To Buy Gold Coins From Bank – Where To Go?

Buy Gold Coins From Bank

In some countries, it is quite common to buy gold coins from banks; however in the US it is not the case. Sure nothing beats holding fresh mint coins straight from the bank but Federal Reserve does not deal with individual customers and sells directly to banks.

Gold Bullion Coins Value – How Is It Determined?

Gold Bullion Coins Value

Have you ever wondered how gold bullion coins value is determined and why very similar gold bullion coins are priced differently while containing virtually identical gold content?

Well the answer is rather simple.

Old Gold Coins for Sale – Are They Good Gold Investment?

Gold has been steadily holding its high positions for a number of years now due to 2009 economic downturn. Though its price has gone down a bit, it does not scare investors of gold as they continue acquiring gold coins of all makes and types. Are old gold coins a good investment?

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Old Coins and Their Value

If your life took an interesting turn and you landed you uncle’s old coin collection, you need to know if these are actually worth keeping. This article will help you learn interesting facts about old coins and their value.

eBay Gold Coins – Mistakes to Avoid!

Gold Coins for Sale

A mere keyword search of “gold coins” on eBay returns thousands if not more of lots offered for sale on this largest in the world online marketplace While eBay remains one of the most popular and safest online places to buy various gold coins from sellers all over the world, there are a lot of things to watch out for on this otherwise safe market grounds.

Certified Gold Coins – Where to Buy Them to Avoid Scam?

Buying certified gold coins is an excellent way to profit from the rising price of gold and to provide safe haven for your investment portfolio. Finding the best online dealers is your sure bet to get your investment or a numismatic collection off the right start. Before we provide readers with the list of the best online dealers, let’s take a look at what certified coins really are and how the process of certification affects the value of the coins.