Canadian Silver Coins Value vs. American Silver Coins

Trying to compare Canadian silver coins value next to US coins? Frankly speaking, comparing silver coins value is like comparing apples to oranges. It all depends on the personal preference. Some love oranges, some love apples, while others eat both. Same is true for investing into Canadian silver coins value, it’s all about your personal beliefs and investment goals.

However, there are some important factors that investors take into consideration while making an investment decision whether Canadian silver coins value outweighs the US coins and vice versa. Below we compare 2 very popular physical silver investment choices, namely, Silver Maple Leaf coin and American Silver Eagle. Both are highly popular among investors and collectors alike, though, both have their pros and cons.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf vs American Silver Eagle coins (based on price comparison from APMEX coins for sale data on Oct 24th, 2013 silver market situation (spot price of silver is $22.77 per 1 troy ounce); data differs from bullion dealer to dealer)). Please not that the analysis was performed on brilliant uncirculated coins not proof grades, since proofs are valued much higher and have more to do with numismatics rather than investment.

American Silver Eagle:

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– Contains a minimum of 1 troy oz of .999 silver fineness;

– Denomination is valued at $1 USD but is rather symbolic and sells for a premium over the spot price of silver on a given day;

– American Silver coins value is backed up by US Government Mint;

– Features beautiful Walking Liberty design on the obverse side and the iconic American Eagle on the back that most collectors consider more beautiful than Canadian Maple Leaf design;

– Slightly higher premium compared to Canadian Silver Maple Leaf (20.18% over the spot price of silver of you buy between 1 and 19 Silver Eagles and as low as 13% if you purchase 500 and more pieces);

– Superior liquidity and incredibly high investors and collectors demand;

– Qualifies for IRA Accounts.


Canadian Silver Maple Leaf:

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– Contains 1 troy ounce of the finest .9999 silver (exceeds American Eagle for its purity);

– Denomination is $5 CAD and again is symbolic just like the face value of the Silver Eagle;

– Backed up by the Royal Canadian Mint;

– Slightly lower premiums than American Silver Eagles (10.5% over the spot price of silver, if you order 500 coins or more; as high as 17.5%, if you order between 1 and 25 coins which come packed in special mint tubes);

– Displays the image of Queen Elizabeth II and Canadian National symbol, the Maple Leaf (a number of collectors/investors feel like the design is lacking);

– Some collectors report that these coins might develop milky spots over time decreasing the Canadian silver coins value;

– These Canadian coins qualify for precious metals IRA’s;

– Less popular among some investors and collectors making them less liquid.


Some investors do not discriminate silver bullion coins based on the country of mintage and go for the lowest premium possible over the spot price of silver on a given market day. Silver is silver in the end!

As a final note, each investor or collector should make their personal analysis on a given market day to determine Canadian silver coins value in line with his own investment or collector’s goals and use web publications exclusively for educational purposes.