British Silver Coins – What To Keep In My Portfolio?

British Silver Coins

British silver coins are not as well known to American investors as Canadian silver coins or Chinese silver coins, for example, and they are perhaps more common to own for numismatic enthusiasts rather than investors due to their higher than average premiums. If you want to buy some solid silver investment, consider a number of popular silver bullion coins like American Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, Silver Pandas or silver rounds of various mintages because they carry lower premiums and that’s what investors are ultimately going for.

However, if for various reasons you still would like to own a few British silver coins, a good investment choice is 1 oz Silver Brittania. Each coin contains one troy ounce of silver and has .958 silver purity (with copper alloy for extra durability). These coins were first struck in 1997 and come out annually with limited mintage to keep collectors’ interest high. The coins bear images of Queen Elizabeth II and Lady Britania in various positions, seating, standing, riding a chariot and else. The design changes every year to ignite collectors’ interest.

2013 became a crucial year in the history of Britania silver bullion coins because Royal Mint struck their first mintage of coins of .999 silver purity. For 16 year continuously these British silver coins were being manufactured from standard Britania silver of .958 purity. However, this new exciting milestone in the British coin making industry should standardize British silver coins in line with many other popular bullion and numismatic coins on the market.

The Britania silver coins are available in 1 troy oz standard size and 2 GBP denominations in several grades, namely brilliant uncirculated and proof editions. Brilliant uncirculated editions with their basic finish are more tailored towards investors, while proofs with incredible shine and finish dictating higher price could be greatly appreciated by collectors. Proof edition coins could be purchased separately or as sets and become a great gift. You can find these coins for sale at Gainesville Coins, a reputable silver and gold coin dealer online. As of Nov 3rd, 2013 Gainesville Coins was offering these British silver coins at $4.49 (20.4%) over the spot price of silver, which was set at $21.97. The average premium charges are definitely higher for British silver coins, for 1 oz Silver Britania coins some dealers charge up to 25% premium over the spot price of silver.

British silver coins are also highly unlikely to bring survival benefits to its owner in the US because these are just not so well known. Let’s pretend you are trying to purchase a gallon of milk in the event of paper money collapse and you present one of British silver coins as means of payment. Your seller might not be familiar with these coins and might choose American Silver Eagles or Canadian Maple Leaf instead because they are better known.