Best Place To Sell Gold Jewelry Online – What Are My Options?

Best Place To Sell Gold Jewelry

Every day millions of Americans are bombarded by sell gold jewelry for cash TV and radio infomercials. Moreover, it seems like anywhere you go, you run into a sell gold jewelry booth or a kiosk in a mall or even your local grocery store. However, it does not stop people from searching the best place to sell gold jewelry for a maximum return.

The best place to sell gold jewelry must meet the following criteria for you to even start considering them to sell your gold jewelry for cash:

1. Solid reputation is a must. Do not send in your gold in envelopes that get sent to your home without your prior request. Most of these sell gold for cash places that advertize in your local coupon book are not going to pay you the top dollar you deserve. Search for customer reviews, check Company’s reputation and business practices before choosing them as your gold scrap buyers. Stay away from even the best place to sell gold jewelry if they say they can help you avoid paying CGT on gold sale.

2. Helpful customer service and clear information presented on the website. Visiting the website allows you to gather more information about the company, learn about services provided, jewelry trade in policies, shipping and pay out rules.

3. Customer protection is the key. Are you protected when dealing with a certain company that claims to be the best place to sell gold jewelry? Is your jewelry you send in insured and are you protected from jewelry scams?

4. How close are the pay outs to the spot price of gold? The rule of thumb is that you should never ever accept anything lower than 95% of the actual value of gold from any gold jewelry for cash place.

5. Do you have a final saying whether you agree to the pay out amount? If not, avoid dealing with this company.
Gold market is a very vulnerable place for people willing to sell their jewelry for cash. There are just so many scammers out there trying to make quick cash on the record high prices of gold.

US Gold Buyers, in our opinion, is one of the best places to sell gold jewelry. It has been endorsed by The Wall Street Journal, appeared on the ABC News and Good Morning America TV Shows. This company provides free jewelry shipping, insurance and 24 hour pay outs.