Best Gold Coin Dealers in New Jersey

Gold Coin Dealers in New JerseyCollecting gold coins can be both a hobby and an investment. The amount of time you spend dealing with gold coin dealers depends on your level of desire in becoming a numismatist or a coin collector. If you live in the New Jersey area, there are gold coin dealers in NJ that will help you with your buying and selling gold coin collection dilemma.

American Coins & Gold is an A+ rated gold coin dealer in NJ located in the Bridgewater Mall. Customers are offered cash pay outs on the spot for unwanted gold jewelry, bullion coins and numismatics. This business offers the ultimate customer satisfaction that is proven by company’s excellent track record and 20 year gold buying experience.

John Michael’s Estate Jewelry is another one of gold coin dealers in NJ specializing in estate jewelry and at the same time offering great returns for gold and silver coins whether they are bullion or numismatics. Rare historical coins of lower mintages receive special premium payments for their special significance. Pre-1964 US precious metal coins, proof and mint sets are also in high demand. John Michael’s has received it’s A seal from the BBB for its commitment of delivering the ultimate client satisfaction.

Raab Coins, Inc. is the veteran among gold coin dealers in NJ which has been in the business of buying and selling gold coins for over 50 years. A+ rated by the BBB, it offers a variety of services and products to the public. The company deals practically with all forms of precious metals, including certified American and foreign coins, domestic and international precious metals bullion coins. The company also buys scrap and dental gold. Raab Coins, Inc. makes house calls to appraise estate coin and jewelry collections and keeps a variety of numismatic books and supplies in stock. The company is owned by Randy Block who has been an avid collector for over half a century and shares a number of professional associations including American Numismatic Association, Civil War Token Society, Garden State Numismatic association and many others.

Sheldon’s Finest Coins is also accredited by the BBB and shares an A+ seal with other gold coin dealers in NJ. The business stands out among the rest of the coin dealers because it’s owned and operated by one coin collector, Ed Sheldon. He strives on running the business extra efficiently by not hiring excessive staff, not running expensive TV or radio commercials and handling all coin business himself. This way Ed Sheldon is able pass on the savings to his clients. All inventory and prices are clearly posted on the website and the business is run on a mail order basis.

Waretown Stamp & Coin is one of the few gold coin dealers in NJ that has been accredited by the BBB since 1987 and currently possesses the A+ seal. The business is associated with the number of professional organizations like NGC, PCGS, American Numismatic Association and others. Waretown Stamp & Coin has a large inventory of certified, numismatic or bullion coins for sale as well as buys precious metals coins from the public. They can also appraise your private or estate numismatic or philatelic collection.

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