Australian Gold Nuggets – A Wise Investment Choice!

Australian Gold Nuggets

Australian gold nuggets should not be confused with natural gold nuggets, pieces of gold ore found during the mining process. Australian gold nuggets are legal tender Australian bullion coins that are minted by Perth Mint in 8 different sizes, ranging from 1/20 oz to massive 1 kg size gold bullion coins. Despite a wide variety of sizes, 1 oz size is one of the most popular choices among investors because it is a generally accepted standard size for gold bullion coins.

Australian Gold Nuggets are a very wise investment choice for many reasons. Investing in gold has become very popular, especially since the value of this metal has shot up considerably. Australian Gold nugget bullion offers all of the advantages of gold bullion plus increasing numismatic value due to its incredible two tone design and limited mintage. Struck from 24 karat gold purity, it is one of the purest bullion coins in the world with design elements changing annually. This is quite unusual with bullion coins which are produced tailored more for investors rather than collectors with basic coin designs. It is not the case with the gold nuggets coins. The obverse side of the coin features a traditional by Perth Mint image of Queen Elizabeth II with the reverse side changing every year.

The Australian Gold nuggets are also recognized by other name, Gold Kangaroos. Initially struck in 1986, the original reverse design bore images of actual gold nuggets. A few years later, in 1989, the reverse image started featuring the National symbol of Australia, the cute kangaroos. Ever since then, the more common name for the Australian Gold Nuggets has become Australian Gold Kangaroos. The coins are immaculate examples of Australian fine coin making. Each coin purchased through a certified dealer will come with individual case, a rare occurrence among conventional gold bullion coins. Combining low premium costs of 3-8% depending on the mintage years with unsurpassed two tone frosted design, Australian gold nuggets are not only a smart investment choice, they are sought after numismatic pieces.

The numbers speak for themselves: the older the mintage years, they higher the prices tag is on a 1 oz Gold Nugget/ Kangaroo. As of Nov 22, 2013 according to data from APMEX website, 2014 1 oz Australian Gold Kangaroo coin was sold for the price as low as $39.99 over the spot price of gold (price of gold was set at $1,242 on that day). For example, 1994 Australian Gold Kangaroo was offered for the price of over $103 over the spot price of gold on that day. That is almost 60% higher than the cost for the 2014 Gold Kangaroo coin with identical gold content. With time you can be confident that your Australian Gold Nuggets bullion coin will not only help you preserve your investment and provide a solid hedge against inflation, the numismatic value of these coins will also be on the rise.

Most investors agree that the best decision you can make is to invest in Australian Gold Nuggets, whether you want real gold to display in your home or you want an investment that is solid and will not turn out to be worthless in the future.

When you are buying wholesale gold nuggets you will find that you will usually get a lower price total, because you will normally be offered a wholesale discount due to the bulk order. Australian Gold Nuggets are a very smart choice when it comes to investing, and these choices are both unique and beautiful as well as being a sound investment at the same time.