American Eagle Silver Dollar Value

American Eagle Silver Dollar Value

American Eagle silver dollar value has been on the rise in the recent years due to constantly increasing silver market prices and higher than regular gold and silver investment demands. Issued by the United States Mint in West Point, NY or San Francisco, CA, these are official silver bullion coins of the US. Backed up by the US Government guarantee, American Eagle silver dollars are exceptional value for investors, collectors and everyday consumers. Whether you want to add them to your investment portfolio, numismatic collection or simply want to buy a commemorative gift for a graduation or a milestone, their silver coins value will preserve itself for years to come.

The first American Eagle silver coin was first manufactured in 1986 and was proudly embellished by a heraldic Eagle with Shield design. The coin weighs 31.03 grams and is made out of .999 grade of silver. It contains 1 troy ounce of pure silver and comes with a relatively low premium that covers manufacturing, distribution and dealer costs. There are three grade varieties of American Eagle silver dollar coins, namely, proof silver coins, bullion and uncirculated coins. Higher than average American Eagle silver dollar value is supported by the fact that it is the official government issued silver bullion coin, one of the most popular silver investment choices. In addition, legal tender American Eagle silver dollar value could benefit your IRA investments backed up by the government.

The value of American Eagle silver dollar is exceptionally beneficial for your overall investment portfolio and can act as a hedge against market falls since its value counteracts the rise or fall of other financial assets like the stock market, for example. Additional feature of high liquidity and popularity not only in the US but all over the world plays in your favor should you choose to liquidate your silver investment. American Eagles are also nice to hold in for survival benefits in catastrophic economic times allowing you to stay afloat and provide for your family’s basic needs.

Due to the popularity of American Eagle silver bullion coins, you will see quite a few counterfeit coins for sale entering the market. Some of them have erroneous year of mintage like 1906 and quite uncharacteristic slippery surface that gives these fakes away. Stay away from buying American Eagle silver dollars from unknown online sources to avoid these counterfeits. Search online for a list of authorized dealers who specialize on these coins to add American Eagle silver dollar value to your investment portfolio. The best piece of advice we can give is to check out a list of authorized dealers posted on the website. This way you will know that you are acquiring authentic US coins product guaranteed by the US Government.

When it comes to additional silver investing advice, consider silver rounds as a perfect investment into physical silver coins. These coins are made of high grade silver, have no legal tender but come with slightly lower premium rates compared to American Eagles and allow you to get more silver value per each invested dollar.