7 Tips for a New Gold Dust Buyer

New Gold Dust BuyerGold comes in all sorts of forms, including alluvial dust. Some think that buying yellow precious metal in this form is especially profitable from individuals actually mine it and companies who specialize on this.

1. Check With Three Or More Dealers

If you are a gold dust buyer then you will need to evaluate a number of dealers. It is a mistake to choose the first gold dust seller that you contact. Instead find at least three different companies, and then compare them. This will give you the best price and a quality product.

2. Remember To Ask About Shipping Costs

With the recent price increases of gold, even scrap gold value can be profitable. A common mistake that you can avoid is to ask about who will be responsible for the shipping charges. Usually the seller will pay these costs, but make sure you know up front what the arrangement will be.

3. Know All The Details Up Front

If you are a first time or beginner gold dust buyer, make sure you know and understand all of the deal details. Be clear on what you are paying for, and exactly what you will be getting in exchange. This agreement should include the price, any payment agreement, and the weight and purity of the gold dust being purchased. Same rules apply to gold bullion deals, too.

4. Choose Experience Over Price

The high market price of gold has meant that some unethical dealers and scam artists have entered into the market. As a gold dust buyer you can help protect yourself and your hard earned money by only using companies with years of experience in this industry. You may pay a little more but you will also get peace of mind and a quality investment.

5. Never Leave The Country

An important safety tip for any gold dust buyer is that you should never leave the country, no matter how great the deal may seem. Going abroad to find wholesale gold nuggets and dust at much lower prices may leave you the victim of theft and robbery, or even worse.

6. Build A Relationship With A Well Known Supplier

If you plan on buying gold bullion frequently then it may be worth it for you to build up a relationship with a single company. This may help you get a lower markup eventually, and you will get gold and a dealer that you can trust. This is important, because otherwise you may end up being scammed by an unscrupulous dealer or even a criminal.

7. Give And Expect Total Honesty

As a buyer you should always be completely honest with any dealer, and you should expect the same thing in return. If you catch a dealer in deception or lies then it may be a good idea to find another company to do business with.