7 Interesting Facts to Know about Mexican Gold Pesos

Mexican Gold PesosMexican gold pesos can be an ideal choice for many investors, and this is true of almost all of the gold Mexican coins. Unlike the American Eagle bullion coin, pesos usually have lower markups and cost less to purchase, so your investment capital can go farther with these coins. For many years these bullion coins went unnoticed in favor of their counterparts minted in the US, Canada, South Africa or Australia. With the high price of precious metals and incredible investors’ demand, prices and premium costs for American, Canadian and South African bullion literally went through the roof. Today cost savvy precious metals investors strive to buy only the low premium high quality choices that you will find with Mexican pesos.

One of the most beautiful bullion coins in the world, Mexican gold pesos are manufactured from 90% gold to 10% copper alloy giving them superior scratch resistance and ability to preserve their original condition for longer. Historically low premiums for these coins are an added bonus for all investors seeking to purchase them.

Read below to find out 7 interesting facts about Mexican Gold Pesos:

1. Mexican gold pesos are available today to be purchased for your precious metal portfolio or numismatic collection in various denominations, namely, 2 pesos, 2 ½ pesos, 5 pesos, 10 pesos, 20 pesos and 50 pesos. This allows investors or survivalists to purchase various denominations to meet their financial goals in mind. Added superior durability due to their 0.900 gold purity allows coins to preserve their original minting condition longer.

2. The 50 pesos gold coin is perhaps the most popular among investors. It was created specifically to mark the anniversary of Mexico being independent of Spanish rule for a century. This coin is the most popular out of all the coins available from Mexico, although the Mexican Libertads, the official Mexican bullion coins also have followers of their own with certain investors.

3. Mexican 50 gold pesos coins are also referred as Gold Centenarios and feature very symbolic for Mexican Nation image of Winged Liberty at the backdrop of two iconic volcanoes on the obverse. The reverse side is proudly embellished with Mexican Coats of Arms throughout its history.

4. One of the most interesting facts has to do with 50 Mexican gold pesos weight. It’s not your standard 1 troy ounce of gold you would expect to see from a gold bullion coin like Mexican Libertad, for example. 50 Mexican gold pesos contain 37.59 grams of gold or 1.2057 troy ounces. Combined with low premiums, pesos are a fantastic way to invest in physical gold.

5. Mexican pesos were only minted in the fifty peso version for a limited number of years. The minting of these specific gold pesos coins was started in the year 1921, and their production was stopped in 1947 and resumed several years later. The minting was again ceased in 1972 and resumed once again only in 1996. These limited runs also make these coins a good investment choice for many, because the supply is lower than the demand.

6. Fractional gold pesos due to their low premiums and excellent 90% gold content make incredible choices for those who buy gold for survival purposes.

7. Mexican gold pesos are not the only bullion coins produced in Mexico. If you want a bullion coin with a more standard weight of one troy ounce and a finer gold content, turn your attention to the official Mexican bullion coin, Gold Libertad. These Mexican gold bullion coins are minted form 0.999 gold purity and are sold in several sizes ranging from 1 full troy ounce to 1/20 oz.

If you want to invest in gold, research the advantages that gold pesos offer. You can choose from the popular 50 pesos gold coin, which exercises high demand, or you can choose Mexican Gold Libertads. Not considering gold coins from outside the USA, including the country of Mexico, can be a big mistake.