1881 Silver Dollar Coin Value – Why Does It Hold Up?

1881 Silver Dollar Coin Value

1881 Silver Dollar Coins or as they are also referred to as Morgan dollars are a welcoming addition to any numismatic collection. The value of these numismatic coins greatly varies and requires a trained eye to assess. As the time passes 1881 silver dollar coin values go up because of the scarcity factor coming into play and more coins becoming damaged or losing their original grade. No matter which of these collectible coins you own, you will be able to get a fair market price if you turn to well regarded coin dealers.

Let’s take a look in detail what goes into consideration when assessing the value of these US coins. The value of 1881 silver dollar coin is derived from multiple factors like coin’s grade, its mint marks, toning and reflectivity. Generally, these coins come in several grades. Uncirculated coins have never been used to pay for goods as real money and show absolutely no wear. Good condition dictates a rather low 1881 silver dollar price that could be equated to bullion coins. Coins in good condition show lots of wear and have almost no raised Liberty design elements to show. Fine grade appears to coincide with moderate wear with only a few flattened areas but not excessive. Extremely fine coin grade has a sharp appearance with only slight rubbings on the high points and very insignificant wear. Do not try to determine the grade of your rare coins yourself, leave this up to the professional coin graders to get the maximum value.

To preserve your silver coins value in top condition, you should always store them in inert plastic containers or cardboard holders. Trying to remove some of the toning by polishing off the silver rounds will destroy their value. Some newer coin collectors might not be aware of it.

The higher the coin’s grade the more significant silver coins value is. Depending what mint mark is on your coin and where it was minted (Carson City, New Orleans or San Francisco), this will dictate 1881 silver dollar coin prices. After checking a few online coins dealers (data as of October 25th, 2013) 1881 silver dollar coin values ranged from $25 up to several hundreds of dollars depending on the grade. 1881 Silver dollar coins value that come in mint and gem grade is the highest and might be much harder to obtain than old silver coins of poorer grades.

Numismatic experts agree that the worth of 1881 silver dollar coin remains strong over the years due to various reasons. Historical value of these coins is hard to underestimate since they go so deeply into the history of America. With time, gem uncirculated 1881 Silver Dollars are harder and harder to find creating investors’ interest and continuous demand. Another reason the 1881 silver dollar coin value holds up is because it’s one of the finest examples of America’s earliest mintages.

However, buying silver coins for silver investment should be exercised by means of buying exclusively silver bullion coins and never numismatics that come with higher premiums and extra costs.