10 Interesting Facts About Scrap Gold Recovery

Scrap Gold RecoveryAlmost any household has a little or a lot of precious metal pieces whether it’s broken jewelry, dental pieces or uncle’s prized coin collection that you have no need for. Whether you are trying to turn in your scrap metals to raise some cash for the upcoming vacation or simply want to convert them for bullion, read on to find out interesting facts about precious metals scrap recovery.

1. It takes more than eighty computers, using scrap gold recovery techniques, to recover one single gram of gold. This process is very labor intensive, and is not usually done by individuals.

2. There are different grades of precious metal scrap, with different prices, so some scrap gold recovery efforts are less profitable than others. This type of bullion may bring less than other types.

3. It is normally possible to sell bullion to any metal recycling yard, but you will probably not get top price for this precious metal. Other metals are commonly disposed of this way, but usually precious metals are not.

4. Scrap gold recovery can include acids and chemicals, to help remove prized yellow metal from liquids and chemical solution. This is common in plating companies and other industrial settings.

5. Because of the high market price of gold, in some cases all of the garments and protective gear worn by some workers may be processed. This is done to recover any particles of yellow metal trapped in these items.

6. Scrap gold recovery may even involve burning floors where large amounts of precious metals have been processed. The highly coveted yellow metal can then be recovered from the ashes.

7. Mining is one of the most polluting activities on earth, and scrap gold recovery can prevent mining by a significant amount by reducing the demand for newly mined metals. Instead of buying a new piece of jewelry, think how you can turn in your unwanted pieces into a unique piece of art and save the earth along the way.

8. More than eighty five percent of all the gold ever mined can be accounted for, thanks to scrap gold value which is high and dealers who are always buying unneeded precious metals containing pieces.

9. When it comes to the gold scrap recovery industry, France is the country in the lead. Many other countries are quickly catching up though as the price of most precious metals continues to climb.

10. Only about one percent of yellow metal is used for dental products, so scrap dental gold accounts for a smaller percent of this market.